Unit D Ratifies a One-year Contract Extension!

Unit D members today voted to ratify a one-year contract extension.  The one-year deal will give all Unit D members a 1.75% raise across the board with no other changes in terms and conditions.  Please see your Unit D bargaining chair, Deb Panasuk, or any of your team members:  Sarah Dolan, Maureen Chisholm, Laurel Kornhiser, for more information.  Retroactive pay will be forthcoming — details to follow.

Members Approve Health Insurance Tentative Agreement!!

QEA members voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve the health insurance tentative agreement reached between the PEC and the city of Quincy.  Congratulations to the membership for a great turnout, in spite of the downpours, and for voting to approve this agreement!!

A remaining few city unions will vote on the agreement in the next week or two, before it comes before the City Council in November.

QEA Unit D Quincy College Faculty: CALL TO MEETING NOTICE — Oct. 27

In accordance with QEA bylaw Article XVI, Section 1, all Unit D members are hereby notified of a meeting for the purposes of ratification of a one-year contract extension to be held on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 at the following times and locations:

Plymouth campus: 12:30 p.m., room tbd
Quincy campus: 3 p.m., room tbd

At that time information will be presented on a tentative agreement your bargaining team has reached with the college for a one-year extension to the contract that expired on Aug. 28, 2017. The tentative agreement includes:

  • A salary increase of 1.75% and all other terms and conditions remain as is

The bargaining team unanimously recommends ratification.

QEA Recommends Andronico, Lebo, and Sauter for School Committee

QEA is pleased to announce it is endorsing three candidates for Quincy School Committee:  Anthony Andronico, Emily Lebo, and Mark Sauter.

It is vitally important that we have a school committee committed to working with labor — a committee that will work collaboratively with QEA  and its members on the issues that are important to us, and QEA feels these three candidates are capable, prepared, and committed to this task.

Anthony Andronico, himself a product of Quincy Public Schools, is a new voie in Quincy politics.  He impresses QEA as a thoughtful and intelligent man with a passionate interest in giving back to the community and school system in which he was raised.

Incumbent candidate Emily Lebo is a long-time educator from Quincy.  Her deep understanding of education from the perspectives of teacher, administrator, and school committee member, gives her an unmatchable degree of firsthand experience which makes her an invaluable asset to school committee.

Mark Sauter, another relative newcomer, similarly impresses QEA as deeply informed on educational issues and well-prepared to engage in policy-making decisions for this school system.

All three candidates are pledging to work closely with QEA and its members on issues and decisions that come before School Committee.  QEA is pleased that all three recognize the important contributions that our members make each and every day in delivering high quality instruction and a great public school experience for our students and their families.

QEA is confident that adding these three candidates to the Quincy School Committee will only further strengthen and improve the collaborative and mutually respectful relationship that already exists between QEA and QPS and will help ensure our members’ voices are heard in all matters coming before School Committee.

Having a voice in City of Quincy politics is important for all QEA members, as it is our school committee that makes policy, hiring, and budgetary decisions that impact our professional lives both in the classroom and with our contract.

We encourage all QEA members registered to vote in Quincy to give serious consideration to these three candidates in the upcoming election.

If anyone is interested in having an Andronico, Lebo, or Sauter sign on his/her Quincy lawn, please contact QEA at quincyteachers@gmail.com.