MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates

MTA Annual Meeting of delegates will be held in Boston on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5. QEA is allowed to bring 21 delegates. Please email Allison Cox at by April 1 if you are interested in attending as a Quincy delegate.

Unit D Ratifies a One-year Contract Extension!

Unit D members today voted to ratify a one-year contract extension.  The one-year deal will give all Unit D members a 1.75% raise across the board with no other changes in terms and conditions.  Please see your Unit D bargaining chair, Deb Panasuk, or any of your team members:  Sarah Dolan, Maureen Chisholm, Laurel Kornhiser, for more information.  Retroactive pay will be forthcoming — details to follow.

Members Approve Health Insurance Tentative Agreement!!

QEA members voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve the health insurance tentative agreement reached between the PEC and the city of Quincy.  Congratulations to the membership for a great turnout, in spite of the downpours, and for voting to approve this agreement!!

A remaining few city unions will vote on the agreement in the next week or two, before it comes before the City Council in November.