QEA Endorses Mayor Thomas P. Koch

For an unprecedented sixth time, the Quincy Education Association proudly announces its endorsement of Thomas P. Koch for Mayor.

“Since January 2008, Mayor Koch has proven his deep commitment to our public schools time and time again.  He has led the way in supporting our schools through strong budgets that allow for new and important initiatives, substantial technology upgrades, expanded programming and staffing, capital improvements, equipment upgrades and so much more,” said Allison G. Cox, QEA President.

Mayor Koch’s respect for educators and his commitment to the issues QEA members care about was an important consideration in this endorsement, as well as a lengthy track record of positive and productive experiences in working with him these past 11 years as Mayor and Chairman of the School Committee.

“Mayor Koch appreciates the tremendous work our members do every day in educating the next generation,” Cox said. “Arguably one of the most important roles of any society is in educating its youngsters, and in Mayor Koch we have a leader who respects educators, provides the resources and tools we need to educate our students, and is willing to work together to resolve issues.”

The 960 members of the Quincy Education Association include the PreK to grade 12 educators and Assistant Principals of the Quincy Public Schools, as well as faculty and professional support staff of Quincy College.  The decision to endorse Mayor Koch was made by a unanimous vote of the QEA Executive Board.

The union also highlighted Mayor Koch’s commitment to the infrastructure of the Quincy Public Schools as a key aspect of its endorsements.  Three state-of-the-art new schools, a vast majority funded by state grants, have opened in just the last few years, plans for a new Squantum Elementary School are underway, and the city recently purchased the former St. Mary School with an eye toward building a new school for that neighborhood.  The City has also embarked on a broader maintenance and restoration effort in existing school buildings, including a window and door replacement program that was also paid for primarily by state grants.

Education has remained a budgetary priority for Mayor Koch throughout his tenure, with classroom spending increasing by 41 percent since he took office.  He also leveraged money outside of the City’s operational budget to make substantial technology upgrades in a number of schools.

QEA recognizes that Mayor Koch shares its goal of high-quality public education for the children of Quincy, in which our students receive a first-rate classroom experience, along with ample opportunities to explore academic or enrichment opportunities, and in which they can achieve success and grow in knowledge, skills, and confidence.

“Since 2008, when the city needed a bold, new leader to step up and provide inspiring leadership for Quincy, the QEA has consistently recognized Mayor Thomas P. Koch as being true to his word and true to his commitment to Quincy,” Cox said.  “We are proud to endorse Mayor Thomas P. Koch once again for Mayor of Quincy.”