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Hello  everyone.  On November 4, the QEA and QPS small bargaining teams met face to face for the 5th time.  By mutual agreement between the sides, that meeting was the final opportunity for new issues to be raised and put on the table as bargaining positions.  On November 12, the two sides exchanged written summaries of all of the bargaining positions that each side presented.  On November 13, the full QEA team met for a lengthy examination of all of School Committee’s proposals and in order to determine bargaining strategy going forward.  The next meeting between us and the School Committee team will occur on November 23.

During that meeting on November 13, our team also decided that we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a rundown of the issues that have been presented by both sides.  In order to arrive at the issue we presented, we relied tremendously on the feedback that your QEA Building Reps gathered from the staffs of every building in this school system.  We examined all of that data, noticed trends and priorities, and put together a package that we felt represented the membership’s wants and needs as much as possible.

Our package seeks to pursue changes in some of the limitations placed on bereavement leave.  We are also seeking to introduce into the contract for the first time ever some form of parental leave for new parents.  We want to make modifications to some existing stipends and to pursue some changes that would provide teachers at every grade level with some additional teacher-directed time to help everyone keep up with the increasingly-time-consuming demands of the job.  Finally, it should go without saying that we are looking to put more money in everyone’s pockets.

School Committee, of course, has its own priorities to pursue during bargaining.  In brief, here are the areas which they have proposed to address.  They would like to make some changes to contract language pertaining to both sick day use and to the usage of extended sick leave.  They have made a proposal about expanding professional development and another about changing the grievance process.  They are looking to make alterations to language around bumping rights, and they have made a stipend proposal of their own. 

At this point, the bargaining process becomes a process of whittling things down.  We won’t get everything we hope to get.  Neither will School Committee.  And there’s no way to predict how long this will take.  Our small-team format has been very successful at enabling the two sides to meet much more regularly than we were able to during prior bargaining experiences, but there’s still no way to know if we are weeks away from a tentative agreement or months.  The team continues to ask for your patience as we do the best job we can at securing the best possible deal for all of our members, and please remember that you are all still covered by all the provisions of the expired contract, and you will continue to be protected by that contract until a new contract replaces it.

From all of us on the bargaining team, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!  If you have any questions or concerns about bargaining, please feel free to contact me directly at either mellisqhs@gmail.com or qeaveep@gmail.com.  Thank you.

Michael J Ellis

Vice President, QEA

Bargaining Committee Chair

Nov. 18, 2015


Your 2015 Unit A Bargaining Committee

Michael Ellis, Vice President, Chair (high school)

Allison G. Cox, President (elementary)

Sean Greene, Treasurer (high school)
Nicole Prevost, Membership Chair (elementary)

Peg McDonough, Ex Board MS Rep (middle school/specialists)

Dan Caruso, PR&R (elementary/middle school/specialists)

Bill Pavao (middle school)

Martha Slocum (nurses)

Unit A Bargaining Update ~ November 2015

~ QPS Educator Evaluation - Pilot Year 2 - 2014-2015 Unit A ~

Educator Evaluation is a 2-Rating System

4 Standards, 2 Goals - Student Learning goal and Professional Practice goal

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Remaining PTS and non-PTS members are Tier 2

100% of Educators now on Plans

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Rating determines type of next Ed Plan

Summative Rating

began June 2014

District-Determined Measures (including MCAS)

1-year DESE extension

This 2014-2015 year is a pilot

Next year data will be collected*

*Oct. 2017 first SIR ratings for Quincy

Ratings:  Low, Moderate, or High

Rating determines length of next Ed Plan

Student Impact Rating

begins Oct. 2018*

(*please see June 2015 FAQ for the most up-to-date information!)

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